Think like an Owner, not an Operator

Delegating and Onboarding Execution Talent for Flexers.

Think like an Owner, not an Operator

Mike Bank is an early-stage startup founder, former investment banker, and a visiting lecturer and career coach at some of Europe’s leading business schools.

At Citigroup, he was one of the bank’s youngest team staffers, assisted with graduate and MBA assessment centres in the London office, and ran numerous lateral hire processes.

Over the past ten years, he has built and led teams at his own ventures as well as consulting with VC-backed startups on talent acquisition.

Nurturing Success:
Delegating and Onboarding Execution Talent for Flexers.

Balancing these responsibilities can be overwhelming for a one-person Flexer. This can lead to burnout. Even if you manage to avoid burnout, you will find that you quickly reach a natural cap in your abilities to single-handedly deliver at a high enough standard at scale.

However, fear not. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

By mastering the art of delegation and effectively bringing on execution talent, you can immediately elevate your consultancy's capabilities and deliver exceptional results. This will free you up in turn to win more business, leading to a positive compounding effect on your top-line income.

In this article, we'll delve into the strategies for successful delegation and talent acquisition.

Understand Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Before you start delegating, take a moment to identify your strengths and areas where you could use support. Recognising your limitations allows you to delegate tasks that may not align with your core competencies;
while focusing on what you excel at – client acquisition and relationship management.

Define Roles and Responsibilities Clearly

Effective delegation begins with defining roles and responsibilities. Clearly outline the tasks you intend to delegate and set expectations for quality and deadlines. Whether it's research, content creation, or project management, a precise job description ensures everyone is on the same page.

Choose the Right Talent

When bringing on execution talent, prioritise skills and expertise that complement your strengths. Look for individuals who share your work ethic, values, and commitment to excellence. Freelancers, consultants, or even part-time professionals can contribute to your consultancy's success without adding full-time overhead.

Build a Network of Specialists

Consider creating a network of specialists you can call upon for different projects. This allows you to tap into a pool of talent based on the specific needs of each client or project.

By collaborating with experts in diverse fields, you can offer a broader range of services.

This, in turn, will lead to you winning more work, either by bidding for business that is outside of your usual scope, or by identifying opportunities to cross-sell projects into existing clients.

Communicate Effectively

Clear communication is paramount in successful delegation. Clearly explain your expectations, project details, and desired outcomes to your execution talent.

Regular check-ins and updates ensure that projects stay on track and that any challenges are addressed promptly.

Leverage Technology

Embrace technology to streamline communication and collaboration. Project management tools, virtual meetings, and shared document platforms facilitate seamless interactions with your execution team, even if they are not physically present.

Please get in touch with the FlexRoles team if you’d like to learn more about our preferred tech stacks for distributed project teams. We will also cover this in a future article.

Provide Training and Resources

Equip your execution team with the tools and resources they need to succeed. Share project-related information, provide access to relevant documents, and offer training if necessary. A well-prepared team is more likely to deliver outstanding results.

Empower and Trust Your Team

Delegation is a two-way street. Empower your execution talent by trusting them to take ownership of their tasks. Micromanaging can stifle creativity and efficiency. Instead, offer guidance, support, and constructive feedback.

Monitor Progress and Provide Feedback

Regularly review the progress of delegated tasks and projects. Celebrate successes and offer constructive feedback for improvement. This ongoing dialogue fosters a collaborative environment and ensures alignment with your consultancy's goals.

Focus on Quality Control

Maintain a strong quality control process to ensure that work meets your standards and reflects positively on your consultancy. Conduct thorough reviews and make necessary adjustments before presenting the final deliverables to clients.


Delegating tasks and bringing on execution talent as a rainmaker in a Flex role is not only possible but essential for growth and success.

By understanding your strengths, defining roles, and building a network of skilled professionals, you can maintain your focus on client acquisition while delivering exceptional results through your talented execution team.

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