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  • 📬 Your FlexRoles #16 | FlexRoles Pro Special Edition ⚡

📬 Your FlexRoles #16 | FlexRoles Pro Special Edition ⚡

We give you everything you need to become a Flex Professional!

Energized for a new week Flexers?

In this special edition, we’re sharing FlexRoles Pro, our proven programme to help you finally ditch that 9-5 and take the huge, life-changing leap as a Flex professional.

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For those who previously graduated as pro-flexers, we have some of our most exciting portfolio roles yet! 🔥

It’s going to be a great week!

Today’s Special Edition Flex takes just over 4 minutes:

FlexThoughts 💭

FlexRoles Pro: Leap into a Portfolio Career.

The step-by-step program to setting yourself up as a Professional Flexer in just 90 days, before you quit the 9-5.

Pitch for high-end projects and charge a premium for your work.

FlexFix ⚒️

Each week give you an actionable tip to get you Flex Ready.
Your task?
- Get it done, this week!
- You’ve got this 💪

 Create Specific Flex Work Proposals:

  1. Identify Opportunities: Research companies that align with your skills and expertise, and look for specific challenges or gaps where you believe you can add value.

  2. Tailor Your Proposal: Create a proposal that speaks directly to the identified opportunity. Clearly outline the problem or need for your proposed solution, and how it aligns with the company's goals or mission.

  3. Highlight Relevant Experience: Within the proposal, showcase your previous work and experiences that directly relate to the proposed solution. Use concrete examples to demonstrate your ability to successfully execute the plan.

  4. Include a Clear Timeline and Milestones: Define a timeline with specific milestones, showing how you will approach the task. This adds credibility and shows you've thoroughly thought through the execution.

  5. Provide Pricing and Terms: If appropriate, include a clear breakdown of your pricing for the proposed work, along with any terms and conditions.

  6. Add Testimonials or References: Consider including testimonials or references from previous clients or colleagues who can vouch for your ability to deliver on what you're proposing.

  7. Use Professional Formatting: The proposal should be professionally formatted and free of errors. It's representing you and your work, so it should reflect the highest standards.

  8. Follow-Up: After submitting the proposal, follow up with the company to show your genuine interest in the opportunity and address any questions or concerns they might have.

  9. Learn and Adjust: Whether you win the opportunity or not, try to gather feedback on your proposal. Understanding what resonated or what was lacking can help you refine future proposals.

FlexFlix 📱

In this section we’ll share with you what we’re watching, reading or listening to that helps us Flex faster, more efficiently, and all-round win more!

This week we’re reading:
"Good to Great” - Jim Collins

"Good to Great’

Jim Collins

The book explores why some companies make the leap from good to great results, identifying the characteristics that set these companies apart, including a strong corporate culture, disciplined leadership, and the use of technology to accelerate growth…

Full Disclosure: If you decide to purchase through the link above we earn a small affliliate amount from amazon.

FlexRoles 💰

Each week we hand-pick some of the best Flex Roles out there!
What are you waiting for?

Here are the best hand-picked FlexRoles right now 🔥 

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